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Zink + Vit C + Vit D3

Created from natural ingredients, without any artificial additives, ImmunoX 300 creates a much needed immunity boost to build natural protection barrier of your health.

Clean formula - only 3 ingredients, no artificial flavor nor other chemical additives.


Organic Zink

Extracted from the Dead Sea.

Boosts immunity, metabolism, skin condition and reproduction function.

Natural Vitamin C

Dried fruits of Acerola.

Improves metabolism, immunity, reduces fatigue.

Vitamin D3

Improves immune system, bones and teeth condition.

Beauty Inside Out

Effective Food Supplement

Boost your SKIN HYDRATION AND REGENERATION process with daily intake of 500mg Hyaluronic Acid with 50mg of Brown Seaweed Extract.

Natural Face Mask

HyaMax 500mg could be used as a face mask. Composition is free from fragrances, unnatural sweeteners, colorants, solubility enhancers, emulsifiers, stabilizers or preservatives to give only the best for your skin inside out.

"Such an amazing natural product, I've been looking for an effective hyaluronic acid supplement and am using HyaMAX for 6 months so far. All my little wrinkles are gone!"

— Sandra B.